The finest quality manufactured stone in Southern Manitoba.


There is absolutely no limit to the options for dressing up the exterior of your home or cottage with Elite Stone. Trim the front with a few rock pillars and corner pieces, or go all out and build a castle that will be the envy of the neighbourhood! Any way you look at it, a solid stone exterior will add value to your home, and will give it the inviting look and feel that you want to come home to. Stone pillars, stone doorways, stone garage fronts, stone sun rooms, stone outdoor fireplaces, stone hot tub surrounds, stone grill surrounds, stone porches, and so much more. Just imagineā€¦


Looking for something special to give your home the cozy, elegant feel you love? There is nothing like Elite Stone to dress up the interior of the place where you are the most. From a rustic rock fireplace in the living room to a modern stone backsplash in the bathroom, from a beautiful stone feature wall in the dining room to a lamp lighted entertainment center in the basement, Elite Stone will enhance your home or cottage and make it come alive. Just Imagineā€¦