The finest quality manufactured stone in Southern Manitoba.



Our classic cobblestone line-up brings back the solid, timeless stone textures and colors that have been a part of majestic structures throughout the ages.  Today this style still adds a favorite old fashioned, yet contemporary appearance that enhances homes exteriors, fireplaces, and commercial projects throughout the country.  Approximate stone sizes range from 26 to 3 inches long and 12 to 2 inches wide.

EZ Stack

A beautiful, contemporary profile coupled with amazingly simple installation makes the EZ-Stack profile extremely popular with homeowners and installers alike.  This modern veneer is cast from small granite masters that have been blended together into 5 inch panels that simply adhere to the wall without a mortar joint.

Mountain Ledge

A rugged, rustic Mountain Ledge fireplace or feature wall is always inviting.  Relax and watch the firelight flicker on its rugged texture, and enjoy the varied colors and features that will add character and quality to the exterior of any home.

Shadow Ledge Stack Stone

The Shadow Ledge profile has been handpicked and chiseled out of the rugged wilderness of Manitoulin Island, ON. This mixture of rugged, rustic ledgestone is patterned beautifully into 4”X 20” panels for quick and simple installation. It is a carefully selected blend of weathered limestone, chiselled granite, and bed face limestone, and will add charm and beauty to any interior or exterior design

River Rock

“A Beautiful stone inspired by River Washed Rock”

This magnificent Stone includes smooth stones and textured stones in various sizes and shapes to create an ideal balance of natural beauty and rugged durability.  Rounded edges and earth tones inspire an image of country charm and stability.  Stones range from 3 inches to 12 inches.


Add the finishing touches to your project using these unique trim pieces. Blends beautifully with stone, brick, stucco or wood.

Accent Colors


Chocolate accent color


Coal accent color


Cream accent color


Gray accent color


Installation Materials

Elite Stone Products has all the materials you need to complete your stone project.  If we do not have what you are looking for, we will either source it or help you locate it elsewhere!

grout bagDisposable Grout Bags

Quikrete Stone Veneer MortarQuikrete Stone Veneer Mortar

Quikrete base coat mortarQuikrete base coat mortar

We also carry a complete line of Grout coloring

Warranties & Technical Data


 Elite Stone Products’ products carry a lifetime, transferable**, pro-rated limited warranty.  If the Elite Stone is in any way defective when installed*, Elite Stone Products will replace the defective stone(s) with new materials at no expense.  The replacement of stone does not include the labor cost for the removal of or replacing the stone.  The Elite Stone Products stone product warranty does not include and is not limited to the following: settling of a structure or any other structural movement, contact with chemicals, paints, acids, stains, oxidation, improper installation, or acts of God.

 *The Elite Stone must be installed on structures that are in accordance with all local building codes and installed to manufacturers specifications. The product should be installed by a qualified mason. 

** Transfer of ownership application form must be received within 3 months after possession date.  Please contact us for a transfer of ownership application.

*** A special sealer may be required for some applications



(Based on data from our parent company” Petra Stone”)

  • Elite Stone Products are manufactured to satisfy all building code specifications and ASTM requirements that apply to our product. 
  • Approximate shipping weight is 9 lbs/sq. ft.
  • The stones range in size from 2” to 20”x20”, depending on the style
  • Because of our exclusive blend of Portland cement, Silica sand, and Iron Oxide color pigments, color has become a primary part of our stone. No undesirable changes have come about due to years of weathering.
  • When Elite Stone is installed in accordance with stone manufacturer specifications and spacing tolerance, the stone is noncombustible and completely safe. 



Complete lab summary from MACTEC is available upon request.

Compressive Strength: ASTM C39 Air Cured 6200 psi

Tensile Strength: ASTM C190 286 psi

Absorption: UBC Standard 15.5 12 %

Flexural Strength: ASTM C348 666 psi

Density: ASTM C567 @ 2.0” Thickness SSD(Lbs/Ft²) 15.01

Freeze/Thaw: ASTM C67 Pass

Bond Strength: ASTM C482 371 psi

Dimensions: ICBO AC 51-2001 Pass


I am so very happy with the brick. It exceeds my expectations. And all the changes I made throughout the project as things came up that I wanted added, you and the guys were amazing.


The installers did a fabulous job. Very happy with their and your work. Glad we found you. Will definitely recommend you to others that ask or admire your work! Thanks again!