The finest quality manufactured stone in Southern Manitoba.


Cobblestone Wolf River swatch

Wolf River

Cobblestone Gray swatch


Cobblestone Colonial White swatch

Colonial White

Cobblestone Coulee swatch


Cobblestone Hudson swatch


Cobblestone Blackspoint swatch


Cobblestone Ft Dufferin swatch

Ft Dufferin

Cobblestone Shamatawa swatch


Cobblestone Black Prairie swatch

Black Prairie

About Cobblestone

Bring back the solid, timeless stone textures and colors that have been a part of majestic structures throughout the ages. Today this style still adds a favorite old fashioned, yet contemporary appearance that enhances homes exteriors, fireplaces, and commercial projects throughout the country. Approximate stone sizes range from 26 to 3″ long and 12 to 2″ wide.

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